Current meter designed especially for the analysis of IoT devices. With a measuring range below 10nA to 2Amps with a BW of 100KHz and screen on the device, without the need for any external equipment.
Work in progress …

Machine to position a sensor with millimeter resolution, in a volume of 0.6mx2.5mx0.95m.

Compact EVB designed for the SILABS radio IC – SI4735.

Small size equipment (110 * 60 * 30mm) for reading 4-wire Load Cells (until 9999Kg).

Equipment for controlling gas mixing, pressure and logging of physical parameters within a pressurized chamber.

Low-cost pyranometer for agricultural purposes.

Solution developed to monitor parameters of temperature and humidity inside freezers.

Low power system to collect some parameters from my potted garden.

Small circuit to make PTT trigger (on Ham Radio) when audio is played.

Controller board for 4 stepper motors to move, in this case, a laboratory sensor.