SI4735 radio KIT (AM FM LW SW SSB)

Compact EVB designed for the SILABS radio IC – SI4735.

The project aims to serve as a platform through which several developers can continue to improve the unofficial SSB patch. That is why the arduino nano is chosen to be part of this KIT.

Some important features:

  • Power: via Arduino miniUSB or 6.5V-12V via dedicated connector;
  • 7 tactile buttons for selecting Volume, Band, Bandwidth, Frequency step, Modulation mode;
  • Arduino Nano included with the KIT;
  • OLED display 0.96 “integrated in the board;
  • Rotary encoder with switch for frequency selection and BFO adjustment;
  • SMA connector for FM antenna with matching network
  • Terminal block for connection to AM+SW+LW loop antenna
  • Original SI4735 IC with 32.768KHz crystal (FC-135 20PPM)
  • 1W audio amplifier (8R AF)
  • Dimension 80x80mm with 4mm holes

Facebook Group: SI47XX para radioescutas – Portuguese
Facebook Group: Si47XX for Radio Experimenters – English
Also visit PU2CLR SI4735 GitHub

Schematic download

Connections guide

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